Bicycle Film Festival

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The independent film festival called Bicycle Film Festival occurs every year in cities all around the world. The original idea came from Brendt Barbur in 2001, after the bus hit him while he was riding a bike in New York City.
The Festival has worked with some famous filmmakers, such as Jorgen Leth, Spike Jonze and The Neistat Brothers.
It is a non-juried festival, which accepts open free submissions from around the world. The BFF has had hundreds of amazing bike movies over the past 10 years. This year Festival will commence in June, in NewYork City. Here is a promotional video for this year 11th Annual Festival:

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Riding a bike and Parkinson’s disease

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The bicycle the key for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease

riding a bike

Riding a bike ability could be key to diagnosing certain forms of Parkinson’s disease after doctors determined that it is far cheaper and more accurate of the various tests.

A team of researchers from the Netherlands, explains how those with standard Parkinson’s disease are more likely to still can not ride a bike, as opposed to those with atypical Parkinson’s disease who can not.

Only four percent of those with the standard form of Parkinson’s disease have not been able to ride a bike, compared with those who have an atypical form of the state where more than half could not ride a bike.

Atypical form of Parkinson’s disease are more likely to include cognitive and memory problems, and tremors associated with the standard form of the disease and may require different treatment.

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Australian Artists

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There were several popular Australian artists that graced the era of design and painting that created some of the most beautiful landscapes and drawings that bought beauty and intrigue to the 20th century. These artists were; Ken Done, Norman Lindsay, Elwyn Lynn, John Olsen, Arthur Streeton, Bret Whiteley, and Fred Williams.

Popular Australian Artists

Ken Done is a painter who painted pictures of the famous Sydney harbor, the Australian outback, paintings and designs. Norman Lindsay was a painter and illustrator of nudes, erotic scenes and mythological scenes. Elwyn Lynn was a painter of abstract and mixed media works. John Olsen is a painter of landscapes of the Australian outback. Arthur Streeton was a painter and impressionist of landscapes. Brett Whiteley was a surreal painter and sculptor; he also did ink drawings and erotic works. Lastly Fred Williams who was a contemporary landscape artist, as well as a painter and printmaker. (continue reading…)

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History of Australian Literature

by on Dec.15, 2011, under Literature

Australian literature includes the literary work written by the citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia, as well as its previous colonies. Since Australia was settled by British colonies in the late 1700′s, much of Australia’s literary tradition is heavily connected to English literature. However, modern Indigenous Australians and the growing multicultural population in the country have influenced recent Australian literature. This cultural shift has led to a literary community that is interested in Aboriginality, democracy, national and personal identity, urban living and racial equality.

There have been a few Australian authors who have achieved international fame. These writers include the Nobel prize-winning Patrick White, as well as other various authors, such as Peter Carey, Nevil Shute, Morris West, Thomas Keneally and Colleen McCullough. There are also several expatriate writers who have since made it big in the literary community, including Germaine Greer, a well known feminist writer, the art historian Robert Hughes and the humor writers Barry Humphries and Clive James. (continue reading…)

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Australian Film Institute Awards

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The Australian Film Institute Awards (often abbreviated to AFI Awards ) is anannual prizes are awarded by the Australian Film Institute, in recognition of achievements in Australian film and television . It is the most prestigious award for the Australian movie industry.
The prizes were first awarded in 1958, but was still only for movies. In 1986 the award was expanded to include additional categories for television.

Many famous Australian actors have been the ceremony of the AFI Awards presented. An overview of recent years:
1997: Hugh Jackman

1998: Mary Coustas
1999 – 2000: Jonathan Biggins
2001: Sigrid Thornton , John Doyle and Greig Pick Oats
2002: Paul McDermott
2003: Tony Squires
2004: Peter Berner
2005: Russell Crowe
2006 – 2007: Geoffrey Rush
2008: Stephen Curry
2009: Julia Zemiro (continue reading…)

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Charles Buchel

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Charles Buchel (Karl August Buchel)  was born in Mainz, Germany. His familiy emigrated to England when he was a child.
He studied art at the Royal Academy Schools. There he was hired by the actor-manager, Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree in 1898, and worked with him for sixteen years.
Buchel painted several portraits of Tree, and also designed theatrical programmes and advertising posters, programmes for the theatre. He drew many illustrations for the theatre magazines of his day. He is best remembered for having painted many of the stage stars of his era, including Lily Langtry, Henry Irving and George Alexander. (continue reading…)

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Film Review: Australia

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Lady Ashley (Nicole Kidman), an English aristocrat leaves her life of luxury and pulls in the Australian outback to the land inherited by her rescue. She meets a rough diamond (Hugh Jackman) who helps her to protect her ranch. Together, with their cattle hundreds of miles by the world’s most beautiful and remote areas. And then there are the Japanese bombing during the war and an Aboriginal boy who lives forever.

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The facade covered with bicycle

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Strange ideas sometimes fall manufacturers wishing to promote their products. If method of advertising is a stranger, then it is the better, surely not unnoticed. This recipe was followed by the owners of the bike service from Altlandsberg in Germany.

The facade of a building in the town Altlandsberg in Germany is covered with 100 bikes and features a “bike station”. Otherwise, it can be rented bikes, and colorful building is already a tourist attraction in their town. The owners have come up with the idea to promote his store, and it seems that in this and succeeded.

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